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Goodreads Giveaway and Contest

Hi friends!

We have a new Goodreads Giveaway for Death and the Sisters! It started today and runs through 10/25/23. 100 copies will be given away.

In honor of that, I’m going to run a contest! Right now on Goodreads, 17,085 people have shelved the book in “to-read.” Isn’t that amazing? Once I have 25,000 number of people shelving DEATH AND THE SISTERS as a to-read on Goodreads I will release the first scene of Mary Shelley’s (fictional) first novel, Isabella, the Penitent; or, The Bandit Novice of Dundee! This is the novel she’s writing across my Mary Shelley Mystery series, and it will be so much fun!

As a push goal, let’s get to 40,000 people shelving DEATH AND THE SISTERS! The reward for that will be me releasing a new portrait of Mary Shelley in a medium of my choice. My followers have seen a few different pieces of my Mary Shelley art, and I will make more!

Enter the contest here! Don’t forget to add the book to your Goodreads TBR.

More suggestions for push goals? Let me know!

Death and the Sisters: An Amazon Editors’ Picks: Best Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

I was so excited to hear that my new book, Death and the Sisters, was chosen for the rare honor of Editors’ Picks: Best Mystery, Thriller & Suspense! My book is now on an Amazon scroll with John Grisham, Lee Child, John Sanford, and Robert Galbraith among others! What an honor.

Editors’ Picks: Best Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

See Heather Redmond in Seattle on Monday, Oct 2

Alice Boatright and I will be “in conversation” at the University of Washington Bookstore at 6pm PST on Monday, Oct 2nd. I am told there will also be a livestream option if you do not live in the Seattle area.

Please consider RSVPing if you are coming in person. It is a free event but there will be books for sale by both of us. There is also free parking!

I look forward to seeing locals at a bookstore where I have such strong memories.

It’s Release Day for Death and the Sisters!

Death and the Sisters (Mary Shelley #1) is available today in ebook, hardcover, and audiobook!

Enter the world of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. What led her to become the famed Mary Shelley, mother of science fiction, and author of Frankenstein? It’s the perfect read for this time of year!

See Heather Redmond in Seattle on October 2nd

University Book Store presents Heather Redmond & Alice Boatwright Tickets, Mon, Oct 2, 2023 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite

I will be “in conversation” with fellow mystery author Alice Boatwright at 6pm. I’m so happy to be visiting my favorite bookstore when I was a kid, and my alma mater! It’s free to join us, and books will be available for purchase.

We’re in Polish again!

I received word today that Death and the Sisters has its first foreign rights deal, and will be published in print in Polish! My great-grandparents were refugees and exactly where they were born is unclear, but they were from roughly that part of the world, so I’m extra excited to see more of my books coming out in Polish.

Jakie to ekscytujące!

Dickens in another language!

Exciting news today! My publisher sold world Polish rights for the first three Dickens titles! It looks like we might have print, audio, and ebook for A Tale of Two Murders, Grave Expectations, and A Christmas Carol Murder in Polish! I can’t wait to see the covers. I have no idea when they will go up for sale. Since one set of my great-grandparents immigrated from Poland to the UK in the 1880s, this is especially exciting for me. They lived in East London during the Jack the Ripper years.

Cover Reveal! Death and the Sisters

It’s official! Death and the Sisters, the first book in my Mary Shelley historical mystery series, is up for preorder! The book is out on September 26th, which is sooner than I expected.

About the book:

Before there was Frankenstein, a young Mary Shelley, her stepsister Jane “Claire” Clairmont, and poet Percy Bysshe Shelley are drawn into a shocking murder investigation in this deliciously captivating new historical mystery revolving around the real-life trio who would later scandalize 19th century England even as they transformed the literary world.

London, 1814: Mary Godwin and her stepsister Jane Clairmont, both sixteen, possess quick minds bolstered by an unconventional upbringing, and have little regard for the rules that other young ladies follow. Mary, whose mother famously advocated for women’s rights, rejects the two paths that seem open to her—that of an assistant in her father’s bookshop, or an ordinary wife. Though quieter and more reserved than the boisterous Jane, Mary’s imagination is keen, and she longs for real-world adventures.

One evening, an opportunity arrives in the form of a dinner guest, Percy Bysshe Shelley. At twenty-one, Shelley is already a renowned poet and radical. Mary finds their visitor handsome and compelling, but it is later that evening, after the party has broken up, that events take a truly intriguing turn. When Mary comes downstairs in search of a book, she finds instead a man face down on the floor—with a knife in his back.

The dead man, it seems, was a former classmate of Shelley’s, and had lately become a personal and professional rival. What was he doing in the Godwins’ home? Mary, Jane, and Shelley are all drawn to learn the truth behind the tragedy, especially as each discovery seems to hint at a tangled web that includes many in Shelley’s closest circle. But as the attraction between Mary and the married poet intensifies, it sparks a rivalry between the sisters, even as it kindles the creative fire within . . .

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