A Tale of Two Murders – in Paperback!

It’s sideways!

Just a little humor for you. For some reason my image looks fine until I upload it, then it goes sideways. But at least it shows it’s a real paperback! Not only that, it’s just gone on sale on Amazon for a few pennies over ten bucks. Not a bad deal!


My Alter-ego Reissues Romantic Suspense


Long ago, I was the foreman on a trial, and out of that experience came this book. I wrote it over a dozen years ago, so it becomes a bit of a historical piece of Kent, WA, but it’s freshly edited for the reissue and I’m editing the sequel now. If you enjoy legal thrillers and women in jeopardy stories, check it out!

After years of hiding herself in a protective cocoon, Cass Bellair steps out of her narrow world for jury duty. All she hopes to earn from the experience is lunch with the cute guy sitting behind her in court. Unfortunately, the defendant has different ideas. His henchmen are looking for weak spots in everyone involved in the trial.

Cass has a past tailor-made to haunt her. Soon, it seems no one wants the defendant to be convicted except the other jurors. The last person Cass can trust is the only person who can help her…

When Cass learns fellow juror Ben Cameron was once the friend of a man who brutalized her, she wants nothing to do with him. He is her enemy. Still, they are forced to work together to uncover the roots of the conspiracy targeting the jury. Getting close to Ben will put Cass’s heart at risk, but staying away will put the lives of many, including her own friends and family, in danger.

Happy New Year!

I hope you have a wonderful 2019! I have two new hardback Heather Redmond mysteries out this year, and we’ll see what else the year brings. I hope you follow me on Instagram if you haven’t already. It’s my favorite social media site at the moment and I post lots of art pieces and journal entries.


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A Tale of Two Murders is Available Today

It’s finally release day for my acclaimed historical mystery, A Tale of Two Murders. My version of Charles Dickens and Kate Hogarth are coming to life! I saw the hardbacks just a few days ago and eagerly called my photographer in Norway to share her photo credit with her, and then showed the book to the special person I dedicated it to. Andy decided that he’s famous now as a result of seeing his name in print. 😉

Having the first book in a series finally available is totally awesome. I’ve had forty plus reviews already, but I’m so eager to hear what people really think before I move into the editing phase on book two…

About the book:

On the eve of the Victorian era, London has a new sleuth . . .

In the winter of 1835, young Charles Dickens is a journalist on the rise at the Evening Chronicle. Invited to dinner at the estate of the newspaper’s co-editor, Charles is smitten with his boss’s daughter, vivacious nineteen-year-old Kate Hogarth. They are having the best of times when a scream shatters the pleasant evening. Charles, Kate, and her father rush to the neighbors’ home, where Miss Christiana Lugoson lies unconscious on the floor. By morning, the poor young woman will be dead.

When Charles hears from a colleague of a very similar mysterious death a year ago to the date, also a young woman, he begins to suspect poisoning and feels compelled to investigate. The lovely Kate offers to help—using her social position to gain access to the members of the upper crust, now suspects in a murder. If Charles can find justice for the victims, it will be a far, far better thing than he has ever done. But with a twist or two in this most peculiar case, he and Kate may be in for the worst of times . . .

A Tale of Two Murders