The Characters of The Pickwick Murders

Joanna Baillie*73A famed poetess and playwright
Lady Byron*43A scandalous lady of good reputation

As my readers know, I’ve been including a cast of characters in the front of these books, so that readers can separate fact from fiction. I always offer up at least one interesting person of the times, in addition to the real life Dickens and Hogarth families.

This time, I had fun dipping into literary London, lady style! Joanna Baillie is one of those people highly famed in her time, though forgotten now. A poet and playwright, she was a friend of the Hogarth family, so I brought her into the story along with her sister and Lucy Aikin, another famed writer. And all of this led me to…Lady Byron, the widow of Lord Byron and the mother of Ada Lovelace. She’s a fascinating woman in her own right and I enjoyed researching her and her home.

Ada Lovelace is known as the first computer programmer. I was one for fourteen years myself, so learning about how the profession started is interesting to me. Ada shows up quite often in fiction and nonfiction, and she’s very close to Charles and Kate in age. Did Charles Dickens know her? Of course. He knew everyone! But for now, we’re only encountering her mother on the page. Someday, I’m going to have to write about Lord Byron as well…

New Release: The Pickwick Murders

Book #4 in my A Dickens of a Crime series is here! Last year we all were thrilled by the stunning gold cover. This year we get purple! It’s available in hardcover, ebook and audio.

I took some risks with this book. For the first time, made a teensy departure from Dickens’s real life because in every murder mystery series, you need a time when your sleuth is the suspect! I had a lot of fun thinking up how this could have happened. And because our Charles is clapped into Newgate Prison, this meant that Kate Hogarth has to come to the front of the story for the first time. We’ve never seen her point of view in the series before. I hope you enjoy the twisty literary puzzle that is The Pickwick Murders by Heather Redmond.

Cover copy:

In this latest reimagining of Dickens as an amateur sleuth, Charles is tossed into Newgate Prison on a murder charge, and his fiancée Kate Hogarth must clear his name . . .
London, January 1836: Just weeks before the release of his first book, Charles is intrigued by an invitation to join the exclusive Lightning Club. But his initiation in a basement maze takes a wicked turn when he stumbles upon the corpse of Samuel Pickwick, the club’s president. With the victim’s blood literally on his hands, Charles is locked away in notorious Newgate Prison.
Now it’s up to Kate to keep her framed fiancé from the hangman’s noose. To solve this labyrinthine mystery, she is forced to puzzle her way through a fiendish series of baffling riddles sent to her in anonymous poison pen letters. With the help of family and friends, she must keep her wits about her to corner the real killer—before time runs out and Charles Dickens meets a dead end . . .

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Stop by Jackie’s on Tuesday, October 26th to celebrate The Pickwick Murders release! The posts go up starting early in the morning and end at 11 am PST. There are two contests which will close at 8 am PST on October 27th.

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German edition of Grave Expectations is available today!

Die Morde von Chelsea is available today in ebook! This is my second German edition, as the first Dickens book, A Tale of Two Murders, is also available in German. If you are already fluent or are learning the language, give it a read!

Charles Dickens Krimi-Reihe (2 book series) Kindle Edition (

New Release: Tattooed to Death

Book 2 in my Journaling mysteries is out today. I’m so happy to share Mandy’s second adventure with you. Welcome back to the University of Seattle coffee bar, and the Maple Leaf neighborhood where she lives. Everything is not right in her friend Reese’s life, however…


Perfect for fans of Ellery Adams and Eva Gates, this action-filled, entertaining cozy featuring dark family secrets, revenge and friendship goals will have you gripped from the start to its shocking conclusion.

How well do you really know your friends?

Journaling blogger Mandy Meadows is determined to clear her friend’s name when she discovers a body by a dumpster.

Single mom, barista and journaling video blogger extraordinaire Mandy Meadows is distracted from her shift in the University of Seattle Hospital coffee bar when her friend – nurse and fellow journaling video blogger Reese O’Leary-Sett – receives a massage from hell at the hands of Coral Le Charme, the hospital’s new massage therapist. But concern over Coral’s dubious skills is the least of Mandy’s worries when she discovers Coral’s lifeless body by a dumpster later that evening.

What dark secrets was Coral hiding? Mandy’s tenant, homicide detective Justin Ahola, is on the case – and he has Reese firmly in his sights. Determined to help her friend, Mandy digs deeper into Coral’s life and makes some alarming discoveries. Can she clear Reese’s name and bring a killer to justice?

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Anyway, if you celebrate any of the wonderful holidays this month I hope you are having a wonderful, socially distanced time!

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I’ll be in conversation with the wonderful John Charles this Saturday along with four other authors: Edith Maxwell and Maya Corrigan, Nancy Coco and Liz Ireland. You can join through Facebook Live or I would assume, through the Poisoned Pen website. The store opens at eleven so if you are in the Phoenix area you can go to the store, or order books online. It’s a fabulous mystery bookstore.