Happy Holidays from Heather Redmond

I hope everyone is having a great week! We are done with school for the year so I’m catching up on things like updating my website. Testing, testing…I had to upgrade my newsletter and blog “widget” so I’m hoping that new subscribers actually get onto the proper lists. It seems a bit not-going-right at the moment.

Anyway, if you celebrate any of the wonderful holidays this month I hope you are having a wonderful, socially distanced time!

One thought on “Happy Holidays from Heather Redmond

  1. teddi1961

    I am taking the week is Christmas Day to New Year’s Day to unplug, refresh, and plan my future path. I have plenty of books (print) to keep me somewhat sane. I always have lots of notebooks. I plan on using them all in the coming year! Have a Blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year! Love y’all!
    Cheryl Arcemont


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